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TOPIC: NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV

NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV #268

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NL_VeluwezoomArnhem (70.06km, 760 height meters, maximum slope 12.8%)
National park “de Veluwezoom” (aka “de Posbank”) is a favourite among Dutch cyclists. It has nice climbs and the landscape is beautiful, especially in summer. Unfortunately for this RLV, most parts cannot be reached by car. In order to have a good journey through the park and to get a few height meters into the RLV the ride was made and recorded in two directions. If you want to cross the Veluwezoom in a single direction only you could start training from approximately 20km. From the Veluwezoom the ride continues to and through Arnhem.
Enjoy the ride!

RLV is on Mediafire now
Niels - www.route4u.dk
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NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV #278

  • Skaka
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Thanks for your contribution, new RLV.
Can you please inform us about?
I see that TTS file is deferent in size in Studio folder.
Also, about NL_VeluwezoomArnhem.gpx file.
When you create pgmf, rlv, files from original gpx, what program are you using?
Before I make "tts" file for my Tacx software, I run test, in "RLV-Workbench"
Load gpx and video, to see if it's correct, regarding speed-slop-time, distance on the road such as crossing intersection, side roads and profile of the road Up and Down the hill.
I just had quick run with your gpx and video in RLV-Workbench and looks like you have not run it to test, before making pgmf and rlv files.
Many places on video visibly you going down the hill, however gpx show up hill and vice versa.
I know it takes a lot of time to correct gpx with video, especially on hilly terrain.
It's very annoying when slop jumps from 5% to 10% in one second or 10m
Let us know how did you make pgmf and rlv files.
Best regards
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NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV #280

  • Aad
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Hi ,

Below my original email to Niels for technical details. As you can see I had a lot of trouble with the TTS4/windows 10 combination. As a result I could not testride the RLV on my Tacx before submitting. However, I did do the RLV-Workbench test and everything was in sync. Before publishing Niels did test the RLV.

After a big windows 10 update most problems I had are solved. I have now succesfully tested the RLV although the sync is not perfect still a few meters off. But I have that also for all other RLVs.

I used the NL_VeluwezoomStudio tts file. This one worked fine. During my ride I did not notice extreme slope jumps. Although I did not intend to do additional smoothing in RLV studio the maximum slope: Tacx reports 10.5% is less than that in the gpx (12.8%). I suppose the slope differences are also smaller. I think the 10.5 is realistic.

If I could have tested before submitting I would only have submitted NL_VeluwezoomStudio. Maybe the RLV workbench generated files (for these Tacx reports 12.8%) can be removed from the download.


>> Dear Niels,
>> I love the site!
>> I have created a 70km RLV I want to share. However, there is a
>> problem. I bought my Tacx in November and installed it on my windows
>> 10 machine. Many RLVs do not run properly on Tacx TTS4/windows 10. On
>> my machine video and slope/power do not run in sync. It is very
>> frustrating but apparently, Tacx are not able to fix the problem (soon
>> enough).
>> Anyway, in RLV workbench everything is in sync so it looks OK. As
>> explained I think the problem I experience are windows 10 related but
>> I am not 100% sure because I cannot test it. These are the tools I
>> used to create the RLV
>> Video camera: Samsung Ativ-S windows smartphone
>> GPS: Garmin forerunner 205
>> Video editing: Adobe premiere elements 11/Freemake videoconverter
>> GPS editing: matlab/RLV workbench/RLV studio. I did all smoothing in
>> matlab (no additional smoothing in RLV workbench/RLV studio).
>> TTS creation: TTS2.0.6 (in trial mode)
>> In order to get it working I tried pgmf/rlv/tts in 3 different manners
>> 1. RLV studio
>> 2. RLV workbench rolling friction 4
>> 3. RLV workbench rolling friction 4.600743E-41
>> None of these remove the sync problem on my system.
>> I hope this RLV can get published. Maybe with a new tts it also runs
>> on my machine
>> Cheers
>> Adrie
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NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV #352

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did someone made a new TTS which is working without the friction problem in TTS4.

Thanks for reply
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NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV #353

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Niels - www.route4u.dk
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NL_VeluwezoomArnhem RLV #354

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I tested before my post here both video players in the TT4.21 version. with both players there is the problem with the resistance. maybe you can try to make a new TTS . Thanks
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