Real life video for indoor training

What files are contained in the RLV archive?

When you download any of my RLV’s they contain min. 4 files:

DK_RLVname.avi – this is the video file used by all Tacx software.

DK_RLVname.rlv – this file is used for the Fortius software

DK_RLVname.pgmf – program file used by the Fortius software (can be used in the catalyst part of the TTS software also)

DK_RLVname.tts – this file is used by the TTS1.x – 4.x software

RLVname.gpx - some RLV’s also contain a GPS file of the route

RLV installation guide:

Something is not working(problems playing video or high resistance on the brake)....... Try to look in Troubleshooting TTS