Real life video for indoor training

A couple of the guys in the local cycling club have asked for a route at "Højen Tower"

"Højen Tower" is a popular place for fitness cyclists because of the varied terrain in the area.

The route starts at "Højen skovvej" and take you around the tower, to Jerlev and then return to the tower.
A total of 21.7 km with a maximum increase of 12 percent.

As with DK_Munkebjerg RLV, the route is probably most interesting for local cyclists.

This time, I have tried with a deshaker program to remove vibrations from filming - you can judge if it is successful. 

Location: Vejle area, Denmark

Video in 2 res.:

1280*720/25fps, 2,37GB(codec: Xvid 7.5Mps) for Fortius
1600*640/25fps, 2,8GB(codec: Xvid 7.5Mps) for TTS

Route: 21,7km

Difficulty: a few bumps on the route


Video res.:1600*640/25fps, 2,9GB(codec: Xvid 7.5Mps) for TTS


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