Real life video for indoor training

52,4km route around Glenstrup Sø(Lake) - route profile and video sync on this RLV is "spot on".

The tour ends at the veteran track in Mariager, where the steam locomotive was passing.

The .tts file is generated in TTS1.3 and is running perfect on TTS1.x

Importing the .tts file into 3.x gave me a problem with high resistance from the brake. 
This can be avoided by creating a new route, where you remove a few meters from the start of the video. 
Another possibilityis to import the result file(DK_Glenstrup_lake_Niels_Score_30-7-2012.tts) which is in the folder with the RLV files. 
Then the route runs smoothly from the start + you also have me as an opponent to run against :)

Route and profile info: DK_Glenstrup_lake


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