Real life video for indoor training

DK_Ironman20xx (1920x640 / 30fps only)

The first 30 km follows Triathlon World Championship route from 2005.

The route has also been used for the European champion- and National championships. The route will be used again in 2013.

After the swim at “Østerstrand/Fredericia” the bikeroute goes to "Treldenæs" (turning point 1) and from there to Taulov(turning point 2)… and back again.

A circular route of 60km which is run 3 times for the long distance.

Footage starts at the turning point 2 and continues to turning point 1-Trelde Næs. 

The route is monotonous, so we leave the route at "Treldenæs" via Rands Fjord, from here we cycle to turning point 2.


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