Real life video for indoor training

This is my fifth “Munkebjerg” attempt and the route is probably only interesting for those who have driven it in reality.

Note: DK_Munkebjerg is recorded later than DK_Taulov_2 but released before it. Unfortunately, it was very foggy and I had to stop filming after about 14 km. 

The recordings are made an early autumn morning, and in some places very foggy- it's like driving around in the movie "The Fog". I made this short route(15km of the original 43km), despite poor visibility it can still get most people sweat.

Munkebjerg is known and feared among Danish amateur riders. The hill is not very long, about 1.2 km but pretty steep. It does not sound much and it is not. What makes it difficult is the way you drive it: it's a sprint hill where you ride with everything you have - it'll get the pulse up to even a seasoned pro.


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