Real life video for indoor training

There are beautiful RLV's from different countries, many of them are freeware.
The people behind them have put many hours of work to give us a good cycling experience - thank you!

I feel it is my turn to give a contribution to the free RLV routes.

My first attempt with RLV is recorded as saying "outside my door" in the area around Taulov, Denmark. Here is a varied landscape, close to forest and beach. 

The RLV is tainted by the fact that it is the first time I make recordings from a car. In addition, video editing is not something I have worked a lot with. Despite teething problems as mirroring from the car window, shake and so on, I hope you can use it.

The original footage is recorded in full HD. The first compressed video was full HD also, but my old computer I use with Fortius trainer is not able to play it. Several of my friends uses an older PC with Fortius therefore the video is now compressed, so most PC should be able to play it. Filesize for the 1h10min video is close to 2.6GB for medium video quality.

Route info:
Distance 33,8km  /  Total ascent 395m  /  Max. slope 15,5%

I've driven the route many times and compared with data from the trainer.To get load which is close to reality on my Fortius I use following settings: calibration 0.0  and brake settings 112%



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