Real life video for indoor training

DK_Taulov_2 RLV

Munkebjerg is well known and feared among Danish amateur riders.........

The route starts at Munkebjerg, Denmark and recorded early morning(before trafic starts, heavy trafic is a problem here) when the fog is dense, but about to disappear.

Munkebjerg is known and feared among Danish amateur riders.
The hill is not very long, about 1.2 km but pretty steep. It does not sound much and it is not.


What makes it difficult is the way you drive it: it's a sprint hill where you ride with everything you have - it'll get the pulse up to even a seasoned pro. Try it !

Location: Vejle area, Denmark

Video: 1280*720/25fps, 4,98GB(codec: Xvid 7.5Mps) for Fortius
Video: 1600*640/25fps, 4,98GB(codec: Xvid 7.5Mps) for TTS

Route: 43,4km

Difficulty: fair

The RLV has lain in the archive for a while, because of poor synchronization and other problems.
These have now been solved (almost - could be better at the end of the RLV).
The route has some overlap with DK_Taulov_3 RLV totaling approximately 10km at the end.


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