Real life video for indoor training


DK_Vingsted(1920x1440 / 30fps)
75km / 2h45min training video for indoor cycling / treadmill training / spinning workout.
The route goes into Vejle Ådal(from Taulov to Vingsted - Bresten - Rue - Haraldskjær - Højen and back to Taulov) which is known for its rolling landscape :)

Recorded with a GoPro 3+ Black - video quality is very nice.

The gauge shows the power(and riding time) that is used - use it as a guide to set the braking effect.


This version is not intended for downloading, but for streaming from this site or directly from youtube.

Can also be used on Tacx, Daum and Kettler World Tours(files and data here: DK_Vingsted).
he video is Tacx TTS1 - 4 compatible. 

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